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Support and Technical Support Department

Department Vision:


Provide necessary support to enhance the performance of the department's  to achieve outstanding performance that rises to the highest organizational and administrative standards.


Department Message:


Providing the necessary support, backing and information available to ensure an outstanding performance of all departments  up to the highest organizational and administrative standards.


Department Goals:


  • Providing the necessary support to ensure excellent workflow in all departments .
  • Providing information and technical support to the administration departments.
  • Performance evaluation and quality assurance for management departments.
  • Providing a clear picture to the decision maker of the level of performance in all departments of the administration.
  • Supporting other departments as needed.

Department Units:


  • Information Unit
  • Development and Quality Unit

Department Tasks:

  • Submit annual reports on the performance of management departments
  • Designing questionnaires and data collection tools related to measuring the level of performance of the services provided by the administration
  • Measuring the level of satisfaction with the services provided to the internal and external management audience
  • Develop strategies and development plans for the administration departments and supervise their implementation
  • Apply mechanisms to work in accordance with the developments that require this and develop the work system to achieve higher efficiency
  • Gather suggestions and ideas that will improve the workflow of the environment 
  • Supervising the administration's e-mail and responding to inquiries
  • Managing the database of state and university officials and updating it periodically
  • Preparing publications and periodicals for the administration
  • Preparing invitation cards for events held at the university
  • Preparing invitation telegrams for dignitaries of His Excellency the President of the University
  • Managing the administration's website
  •  Approval of advertisements for events held in the university according to specifications and standards to be displayed on electronic screens and circulated via e-mail and text messages to senior university officials
  • Preparing university celebration programs
  • Designing billboards for university events
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:42am