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Adminstration Manager Word's

 This website was created for the General Administration of Relations and Information based on the directive of His Excellency the Rector of the University for the following objectives: Enabling the university to perform its social responsibilities in an optimal manner. Deepening social communication between the university and the community by providing reliable channels that enable citizens to communicate with the university in an easy way to answer their inquiries and questions, and receive their complaints. Deepening the university's communication with the university's students and employees. Informing citizens about the activities, seminars and conferences that are held at the university on a regular basis. Connecting citizens and university employees with university officials and facilitating their communication with them when needed.

About Adminstration

In light of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, the Public Relations and Media Department seeks to communicate with various media outlets to highlight the university’s efforts and achievements, actively contribute to the development of culture in the community, present a positive image of the university, in addition to strengthening the relationship between the university and other authorities and institutions. Scientifically, the real role of public relations in building and renaissance societies and the general orientation of our country towards working to raise services, develop citizens, and advance the general level of the country, through the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

 Our Vision


   Leadership and excellence in providing public relations services and building bridges of communication and cooperation to increase cultural awareness of the university's internal and external audience.  

 Our Massege

Distinguished provision of public relations services according to the highest levels of international quality and to highlight the true image of the university and its civilized role in building and developing the knowledge society.


 Our Strategic Goals



  • The General Department of Relations and Media at the university aims to create the appropriate conditions that help to increase the university’s contribution to the development of society, to introduce the various activities and services it performs, to strengthen its relationship with media institutions, and to educate the community about its mission, goals, policy and achievements, as well as to strengthen and develop the relationship between the university and the various bodies and institutions in the country, in addition to Maintaining the positive image of the university in the community.
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