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Media Department


Department Vision:


Distinguished media that lives up to the highest organizational and administrative standards


Deparments Message:


Building bridges of communication and interdependence between the university and its internal and external audience up to the highest organizational and administrative standards.


Department Goals:


  • Consolidating the traditions of independent, advanced, creative media work and model in the scientific and public circles.
  • Developing methods and tools and diversifying sources and means.
  • Simulating the development in the media according to the available capabilities to be compatible with them in performance and quality.
  • Adopting informative materials and compelling expressive formulations to highlight creative cases and make them a role model for others.
  • Clarifying the university’s strategy and objectives, introducing the public to its pioneers, and reflecting the image of its faculties and departments.
  • Promote ideas and media projects that serve the university, its affiliates, and society.
  • Extending bridges of cooperation between the university and educational and international institutions in order to achieve mutual benefit.
  • Training the students of the Media Department at the Faculty of Arts in drafting and preparing news, articles and other journalistic arts.
  • Establishing good and positive relations with the media and their correspondents in order to highlight the role of the university.

Department units:


  • Visual Media Unit
  • Social Media Unit
  • Publication and Advertising Unit
  • Documentation and Media Archiving Unit


Department Tasks:


  • Editing university news
  • Preparing a daily press file and following up on suggestions or complaints published about the university regarding the various activities of the university in coordination with the concerned departments in the university and preparing press responses
  • Addressing the visual and print media to cover the events and occasions that are held, coordinating with them to conduct and documenting meetings with university officials, and coordinating with the various university units to publish their news in the media.
  • Publishing university news on social media, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Providing news to the university's Resala newspaper.
  •  Sending university news to newspapers and media.
  • Addressing the editors-in-chief of local newspapers and satellite channels to cover events.
  • Preparing a press release for the Saudi Press Agency, local newspapers, and websites about the events.
  • Carrying out press coverage for visiting delegations to the university.
  • Publication of news on the university's website.
  • Covering media events held at the university.
  • Responding to what is published in the media after coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Coordination with university units to publish paid press advertisements in the media.
  • Coordination with the media to conduct meetings with university officials.
  • Establishing a media center for important events at the university.
  • Coordination with the Deanship of Electronic Transactions to document events.
  • Facilitate the task of media professionals and journalists to obtain information related to the university.
  • Supporting colleges and departments in the media in implementing events and conferences
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